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The Diggers Union Local 1200

The Diggers Union is home to Hevehitta and DJ Unexpected. They have made a lifelong commitment to accumulate and preserve recorded music. Immeasurable amounts of time and money go into our research to separate the honorable from the horrible. They are here to enjoy and educate, be it through media, speech, etc. to ensure fans that their horizons are constantly being broadened. With the vast amount of music being released consistently, it can be quite a challenge to keep up; but rest assure The Diggers Union will accomplish the goal of being as informative as possible. Think of it as “Collecting Done Correctly.”

DJ Unexpected

DJ Unexpected was born and raised in NYC (the Bronx, to be exact), and has been a hip-hop fan since the age of 6. At 16 he became a DJ and never looked back. DJ Unexpected has released countless mixes since 2004, covering a broad spectrum of music for the purposes of entertaining and educating. Coming from a family that appreciated all genres of music, it only seemed natural for him to continue that tradition. Whether it was classic records, films, or other nostalgia, collecting and discussing has always been prevalent in his family. Having amassed an impressive collection, his goal has always been to share the music and accompanying information with other fans, to help keep music relevant in our lives. It’s no secret that the way music communicates with people is unsurpassed by anything else; Hevehitta and DJ Unexpected are just grateful to have a platform to share and teach others about it.


A Poughkeepsie, NY native, Hevehitta got his start in the business working at a college radio station, but initially was just a fan like the rest of us. A record, mixtape and Kung-Fu film connoisseur, he was able to bring his knowledge of these elements into his radio show, and he later spread that wisdom through the release of mixtapes in 2006 (upon meeting DJ Unexpected). Fast forward to the present, and his progression continues in the form of Enjoy and Be Educated on BBOX Radio. The mastermind behind many of the duo’s releases (50 plus), he has also enjoyed notoriety in the industry with several mixtape/entertainment award nominations. Rest assured that this is only the beginning for this lifelong “Student Of The Game.”

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